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Tracy Tedesco is an experienced Job Search Strategist and Consultant who consults with job seekers and employers with issues related to recruitment and employment.

2017 Recruitment Trends

2017 is a brave new world in recruitment. I see:


  1. More turnover
  2. Higher recruiting volume
  3. Compensation issues escalate
  4. Some employers priced out of the market for key talent
  5. Talent shortage in healthcare gets worse, if that’s possible
  6. Increased cost of living – housing and healthcare- combined with non existent merit increases means job seekers have to leave their jobs to barely keep up.
  7. New hires in play well into their first month. Hires aren’t really ever “closed.”
  8. Employer brand is causing huge problems for less than attractive work environments.


There’s no where to hide.


13 Recruitment Trends You MUST Know for 2017