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Tracy Tedesco is an experienced Job Search Strategist and Consultant who consults with job seekers and employers with issues related to recruitment and employment.

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Tracy Tedesco is hear to assist you with your recruiting and career needs!

For Job Seekers, Tracy provides the following:

Personal Brand Extraction

Figuring out your own personal brand can be slightly difficult; however, cultivating it and promoting it makes you a much more desirable candidate to any employer. If someone is able to clearly describe their purpose and mission it is a direct demonstration of communication and motivation. Many job seekers are going beyond the resume today.

Recruiting Technology Interaction

98 out of every 100 job applications are immediately rejected. Recruiters use technology to scan resumes for specific words and if your resume is lacking them, you won’t even be considered.

Online Presence

Recruiters use LinkedIn to learn more about you and to contact you! LinkedIn can be a place for you to expand on your resume in greater detail. What does the rest of your online presence look like? Tracy will help make sure your online presence is suitable for employment.

Resume Construction

There is an art to customizing your resume to depict your previous work, skills, and interests to better fit with a specific job. Tracy can help one compose your resume to accurately represent you while highlighting your best features.

Interview Training

Interviewing training is beneficial to everyone. With more practice, one gains confidence. And with greater confidence, one looks more appealing to employers.

Proper Job Search for YOU

How does one search through all the different job boards to find the best fit for what you are looking for? Tracy loves pairing candidates with employers, especially when the fit is best. Tracy can help you decipher through the different job boards to find a job most aligned with your skills and interests.